Thursday, June 16, 2005
Ibrahim's intention was accepted by Allah,
Bear witness and fall into submission,
And listen to the earth weep
As it remembers the day
It kissed the forehead of Husayn.

© Jibrael

Old poem - untitled

Wednesday, June 08, 2005
This is a poem I wrote a long time ago, when I was much much younger. I found it among some things when I was cleaning up.

You changed my world
You changed my life.

You are the single Angel of Jannat
That altered the course of my destiny.

Allah took your noor, from the land of the Angels
And he re-created you
Now you are the noor from the land of my heart
You have become the Destiny of my life.

If only you knew
The depths I would travel
The heights I would scale
The mysteries I would unravel

Ya Allah! Send me Babel.
I will climb it for her and steal its jewel

I see in my dreams
Your face and you smile
I wish in my heart
To be by your side again

To feel you in my arms
To touch you once more
I would give up heaven
I see the depths of your eyes
And I become lost
I drop my compass, and I burn my map
Because to spend eternity in your heart.
Allah know's that is my jannat.

© Jibrael Hussain

Earthly Contradiction & Heavenly Union

Thursday, June 02, 2005
All I see is Your Light.
All I breathe is Your Fragrance.
All I feel is Your Mercy.
All I crave is Your Closeness.

I love to be in Your Garden.
Intoxicated by the nectar of Your Rose.
Why do you send my back to the hive?
Why does winter starve me
Of that Celestial Garden that is You?

The flames of my heart,
Are burnt in Your Burning Bush.
The rivers of blood within me,
Are engulfed in the redness of Your Wine.

I long to be that lonesome tree,
Standing against every storm.
Waiting for that Flash from the heavens,
That I may be annihilated,
And as ash rejoin the Earth from which I came.

Oh Allah!
Swallow me into your Tornado,
I want to feel the Touch of God.
In that Swirling Storm,
That frenzied madness,
I want to experience,
The serenity of your Eye,
And the violence of Your Massacre.

Tear this cage of mine apart,
In that earthly contradiction,
And that heavenly union

Because it is only You,
Who can truly set me free.

© Jibrael

Let Us Remember

Sunday, May 15, 2005
There are those who crave,
For the light of the wax candles of the east.
And those who chase,
The illumination of neon in the west.

Why dont we stop and be motionless?
Let our feet take root in the bed of raging rivers.
To recognise those that are reflections,
And find our balance.

Let us massacre the craving,
And end the chasing.
Destroy these idols of existence,
These fabricated cloaks of mullas,
And these logos of runners.
So we may remember that which warmed our backs,
And recall the enchantment of dusk.
In order to realise the light of the Sun,
That was always there.
In our chasing and craving,
In our living,
And our dying.

© Jibrael

Ina'tehk 'Anneh

Sunday, April 10, 2005
I entered and saw many
Expressions, something pulled me to a group.
Then I saw a face.
That face...
Her Face.

The contours of Her cheeks were smooth like the rounded
Stones of shallow carribean waters.
Her Eyes were as gems of the deepest ocean, when I fell in,
My body lost its Need for oxygen and instead craved for her.
I was drowning in her beauty. They glistened
Like the watery surface on a moonlit Night. Her
Lashes were as delicate as the induvidual petals of a daisy,
Yet at the same time they were dark and razor sharp.
They sliced through the air when her eyes dissapeared into her face.
Her sensual fragrance could be compared to that
Of a flower which blooms but once in a lifetime,
And each breath I took I had experienced a lifetime.

Forget lauching a thousand ships for Her!
Helen was not even comparable to the dust under Her feet.
Forget Paris and Ilium......Aphrodite was wrong it was not lady troy,
For had she have known of Her, she would have ended herself in envy.
Her smile, so hypnotising that it could even turn Medusa to stone.
The hair upon Her head, long and dark. The way it moved in the wind was
As if it was an entity itself. It moved to hide her face and
Then moved to reveal it, tempting and teasing me.

I pray to the Lord, that we will be united once more.
For when my Soul Mate was sent to you oh Creator of the Heavens,
You chose Her for me.
And now our souls are locked together by the Unspoken Bond
Till eternitiy's end.

© Jibrael

Tear of Fatima

Thursday, March 31, 2005
See the tear of the Lady of Light
Like a pearl from heaven.

Watch it fall from the peak of creation
Into the ocean of eternity.

Oh People! Find this single tear
In the depths of the pool of existence.

And that will be the day
You will feel the touch of God.

© Jibrael

Help me carry on

Tuesday, March 22, 2005
All I have done is help,
And try to be happy,
Yet they still hurt me.

These mullahs do their pilgrimages,
And return more cruel than before.
Oh Allah! They hurt me so much.

They manifest the darkest possibilities,
From the evil within them.
Are they blind to the innocence before them?

Have You veiled them from my bleeding heart?
It bleeds from the suffering of Your creatures.
My blood and their tears,
Flowing together like tributaries,
Into a river of sadness.

Oh Allah!
They chain me down.
They lock me away.
They disable me.

Can't they see my eyes saturated with tears?
Can't they see the love I have to give?
Can't they feel the compassion spilling out,
To quench the thirst of those around me?

These people testify
That it is vinegar drenching Your creatures.

Oh Allah!
You know it is merely a baptism of milk,
And an ablution of Your purest wine.

© Jibrael